Just Do The Word

Just Do The Word

As Christians, we must understand the importance of God’s Word to our lives. The real us is spirit (1The 5:23). Without the mirror, which is what the Word is, we cannot see our true self (Jam 1:25), because God’s Word is spirit and life (Jn 6:63). Essentially doing what the Word says is our key to walking with the Father. In this study, we will discover how to study the Word and meditate on it, and most importantly, how to do what the Word says, because it’s in doing it that we please God (Heb 11:6), and we prosper (Psa 1:1-3; Jam 1:22).

Background to the Study

  1. The Parable of the Two Houses – Mat 7:24-29. In it, one house is built on Sand and the other on the Rock. Jesus likens our lives to these two houses. As you will observe, both houses faced storms. But the house that remains standing after the storm is the one represented by the hearer and doer of the Word. A life that is not hearing or doing the Word will ultimately face destruction.
  2. The Parable of the Sower – Mat 13:1-8,18-24. Here we see four kinds of soils, first is the wayside which represents the Word that is not understood, which the devil comes and snatches away. Understanding is both a function of the student and the teacher. Whatever we must do, let’s be sure that the Word is fully understood because it is what is not understood that the devil snatches away. The second soil is stony ground, representing those who hear the word, immediately receive it, but because the word has no root in them, when persecution and tribulations arise, they stumble. The third ground is the thorny ground, but the cares of this world, and deceitfulness of riches comes to choke the Word. The fourth and last ground is the good ground, represented by those that hear the Word, understand it and bear fruit by doing it.

What are the factors that will help us to do the Word?

  1. We must hear and understand God’s word, so that it will take root in us and it will not be snatched away by the devil.
  2. We must be sure that our heart is right, able to withstand whatever for the sake of the Word. We cannot be fair-weather Christians, standing for the Word when all is well. 2Tim 2:3 says we must endure hardness as a good soldier of Christ. We know your Christianity by the storms, ill-treatments and pains you can withstand.
  3. We must also protect our hearts from the love of money and the world, because the requirements of the Word will many times conflict with them. If we don’t, these things will choke the Word.
  4. If you notice the good soil still, even that has three grades of productivity – hundredfold, sixtyfold and thirtyfold. The question is, what determines level of yields from each soil? The volume of yield is determined by how much of the Word you do.


The Christian journey is a journey of faith. We must therefore settle for ourselves, that without the Word, there is no faith (Rom 10:17; Heb 11:6). Let’s give the Word highest priority because everything depends on it.

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