“And I pray that the participation and sharing of your faith may produce full recognition and appropriation and understanding and precise knowledge of every good thing that is ours in our identification with Christ Jesus and unto His glory.” – Phil 1:6 AMP

Put simply, unless you know and declare what you have in Christ, your faith cannot produce results.  God wants you to say you have it.  That’s how you activate it, by faith.  If God says you have it and you say you don’t then you don’t only lose it, you make Him a liar (Num 23:19), and that’s not to your advantage.  It is false humility to refuse to say what God says about you.

God has given us dominion.  Yes, the devil lost it in the Garden (Gen 3).  But Jesus recovered it back for us. “And so it is written, “The first man Adam became a living being.  The last Adam became a life-giving Spirit.” Adam was a mere man.  The last Adam, that is Christ, became a life-giving Spirit, restoring the dead to life (Amp).  And now those of us that are in Christ are new creatures, new species in God’s class.

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