Casting Out Demons

Casting Out Demons

Demons or unclean spirits are body-less spirit beings, causing havoc in many lives.  Every believer is fully authorized to cast out these evil beings in Jesus Name – Mk 16:17.  Unless you are in Christ and fully know your authority, trying to cast them out will inflict severe troubles on you as we see with the sons of Sceva (Act 19:13-16).

Demons are the cause of many people’s troubles.  We see that King Saul became mentally troubled when an evil spirit entered him (1Sam 16:14-15). There is the mute man that was delivered when the demon was cast out (Mat 9:32-33) so he could speak. Also deafness (Mk 9:25-27). And the spirit of blindness (Mat 12:22).  Also Convulsion (Mk 1:23-26), etc.  As you can see, once the demons are expelled, relief follows.  Demons are super-human with extra-ordinary destructive capabilities.  The only antidote for them is for the believer to stand in faith and in his authority to root them out.

The question then is, how do you cast them out?  Settle it, there is either a demon or there is none.  If there is none, then there’s nothing to cast out.  But when one exists, know this:

  1. You’re not casting it out in your own authority but in Jesus’ authority. So don’t fear.
  2. Issue your commands firmly and fully expect them to be obeyed.
  3. Demons are not supernatural. You are the one standing for Christ. They tremble and flee when they know you’re very sure of yourself.  Demons know you’re seated with Christ and they follow authority, which is what you wield.
  4. They are afraid of you because they know their time is short (Mat 9:29; Rev 12:12).
  5. Your weapons are not physical weapons. They are based on your position in Christ, His name, His blood and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.


Only the believer is authorized to cast out the devil (Lk 10:19).  If you don’t do it, people will suffer with many incurable diseases, things moving in different parts of their body, sicknesses that show up seasonally, troubles that have no logical explanations, etc.  God is depending on you (Mat 10:8).  Take your place and set the captives free.

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