Building a God-honoring marriage requires support and encouragement, and we want to help you in that process.

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Welcome to the Marriage Ministry

Our Marriage Ministry, a warm, interactive, practical training program in place. Just like Buses have their routes and stops, so do Marriage training have specific Issues to cover. You can join or disembark this bus anything, for as long as you wrap the process up within an agreed time period. It is designed for Singles, so they can make wise choices and prevent harm. It's designed also for Intending Couples, so they’re equipped to do marriage God’s way. This bus is also for Couples, so their marriage can be a Heaven on Earth. Again, please feel free to indicate your interests in the card that will be given to you. And lastly when storms hit, don’t attempt to do life alone. Two are always better than one and Godly counsel brings safety. Feel free to call the church office to schedule counseling and please join our Prayer Ministry and it will surprise you what God will do. Never give up!

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