Something very profound about depending on God is that the real you is Spirit and those that must worship God can only do it in Spirit (Jn 4:24).  Unless your mind is renewed with the Word of God (Rom 12:2), then it is subject to the devil and not God.  Therefore, pursuing or doing just what seems good to you is in conflict with God.  Rom 8:7 says the carnal mind is enmity against God.  Therefore, only those that are led by God are His (Rom 8:14).  We don’t merely depend on God when we lack resources or ability, our entire lifestyle has to be an embodiment of depending on Himself (Jn 5:19). That is the key to living a successful Christian life.  We should not live our lives as if it belongs to us, He is our Potter.  We are clay in His hands – Jer 18:6.

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