The Effects of Living The Christ Life

The Effects of Living The Christ Life

The Christ life is the life God intends the believer to live. Gal 2:20 says, “I have been crucified in Christ, it is no longer I who lives, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God.” What this is saying therefore is that as believers, we don’t live a natural life. The question we are therefore called to answer is, what is the Christ life, the kind of life that Jesus lived or would live if He were here right now? It is this life and its effects that we’re focusing this study upon.

Before delving further into this subject, let’s point out a few additional important issues. What is the crucial distinguishing element of Christ? Christ, it must be said, is not the last name of Jesus. Christ means the Messiah, the Anointed One. He was anointed because the Holy Spirit was on Him (Act 10:38). Well, like Him, so are we the believers. 1Jn 2:20 says we too have an anointing from the Holy One, and we know all things. You don’t really know you know all things when you are depending on your senses. But as you stir up the Spirit in you, He brings things to your remembrance. (Jn 14:26). Look further at 1Jn 2:27 which says, “But the anointing which you have received from His abides in you, and you do not need that anyone teaches you; but as the same anointing teaches you concerning all things, and is true, and is not a lie, and just as it has taught you, you will abide in Him.”

The believers’ life is a life where the supernatural life is the normal life. It is the consistent reliance on the Holy Spirit in all that we do. A life that depends on the five senses is very limited. The Bible word for such a life is carnal or natural, which the Bible says is enmity against God; it is not subject to the law of God and cannot be (Rom 8:7). This is a huge indictment. But for us as believers, we are led by God’s Holy Spirit (Rom 8:14). Thus, living by the Spirit is superior and the normal life God has for us as believers. 2Cor 4:18 reinforces this by instructing that we are not to look at the natural but the invisible, because the invisible is superior. Do you recall Elisha (2Kg 6:16) saying, “those that be for us are more than the invading army of Syria?” Living the Christ life is faith living, taking what God has said as superior to whatever may be confronting you in the physical. We walk by faith and not by sight (2Cor 5:7).

A critical aspect of living the Christ life is our mind. We must live in the consciousness of the very fact that we have the mind of Christ (1Cor 2:16). This is very important because what you think you are is what you are (Pro 23:7). Essentially, we must renew our mind (Rom 12:2). In fact, we need to present everything about us a living sacrifice to God, including our thought life (Rom 12:1). This is very important because you will never rise above the level or quality (or lack thereof) of your thought life. And since your legs and actions follow your thought life, you must think about what you are thinking about. If you think you are a grasshopper, that is exactly what you are (Num 13:33). And if you see possibility, that with God nothing is impossible (Lk 1:37), you will see doors flinging open in places unimaginable, and that is what the Christ life is all about.

Let me add here that there is no junior Holy Spirit. It’s the same Holy spirit that was on Jesus the Christ, on Paul, on Peter, John, etc – that is on us believers. Rom 8:11 says if the Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He will in like manner quicken your physical bodies. Yes, we are being daily renewed by the Spirit of God in us. It is imperative we live in consciousness of the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit in us.

Having established these broad backgrounds, here are some of the benefits of living the life of Christ.

  1. As believers, we can live a life without limits, because the Holy Spirit has absolutely no limit. Psa 81:10 says, open your mouth wide and I will fill it. Are you limiting what you imagine God can do in and through you? Jesus never limited God’s Spirit. He multiplied food, raised the dead, overcame obstacles, walked on water, etc. Let’s not be like the Israelites, they limited God (Psa 78:41). Living the limitless Christ life infers that we must change our thinking. There’s nothing too difficult for our God (Jer 32:27).

  2. We can reign in life, above sickness, over storms, sin and evils (Rom 5:17). Why? The Greater One lives inside us (1Jn 4:4, 13). What’s more amazing, we are the righteousness of God in Christ (2Cor 5:21). Can you imagine the freedom from condemnation and the liberty that this brings to us as believers (Rom 8:1; Gal 5:1). We are not waiting to get to heaven before we feel holy. Again and again, the Bible calls us saints (2Cor 1:1; Eph 1:1). This is very liberating from the weight of sin, glory to God. Eternal life isn’t when we get to Heaven. It is to know Christ (Jn 17:3). When we shed this earthly suit, we will be with the Lord (2Cor 5:8). That’s what Christ life is all about.

  3. Christ life is a fearless life. Fear is a tormentor (1Jn 4:18). God hasn’t give us that evil spirit (2Tim 1:7). The righteous are as bold as a lion (Pro 28:1). Jesus is the Lion of the tribe of Judah (Rev 5:5). Jesus wasn’t fearful. Like Him, if we are going to live His life, we need to REST and not be restless. (Isa 26:3).

  4. Living the Christ life implies that like Him, we too should be purposeful, doing the business of our Father (Lk 2:41-52), evangelizing, healing, touching lives; not idle in God’s house. We should be sacrificial. Jesus gave His all, including His very life (Jn 10:18), He paid the ultimate price for loving (Jn 3:16; 1Jn 3:16). We cannot live the Christ life and be self-centered, pursuing only things that benefit us. Selflessness is key to the Christ life – Phil 2:4. And ultimately, it’s those that sow that reap; it’s the sacrificial life that’s multiplied – Jn 12:24. When we are sacrificial in kingdom purpose, we spring forth a bountiful harvest.

Other benefits of the Christ life include:

  • A renewed mind.
  • Living a life of faith rather than following our senses.
  • Living under the shadow of the Almighty.
  • Your spirit united with God’s Spirit.
  • Operating in perpetual power.
  • Having no limits.

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