God Is A Promise Keeper

God Is A Promise Keeper

A promise is an effort or commitment from one to another, that is, God to us. And the value of His promises depends on His reliability and trustworthiness. When in Rom 10:13, God says “For whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved”, He means it. In both grammatical and legal terms, the word “shall” implies must, will, obligatory, mandatory. Therefore, when God promises that He will do something, you can count on it. This study therefore is on the promises of God for our well-being and future, all of which we can count upon, the storms of life notwithstanding, because God is faithful; even “if we are faithless, He remains faithful; He cannot deny Himself” (2 Tim 2:13).


1. God Cannot Lie.

His unique integrity is displayed in His perfect character, attributes and emphasized by the consistent truth of His Word and deeds. God cannot lie (Num 23:19; 1 John 1:5), without human frailties and therefore does not think or act like humans.
A. God has bound Himself to His Word with an oath (Heb 6:17-18).
B. He has exalted His Word above His name (Psa 138:2)
C. His Word cannot be broken (Jn 10:35; Mat 5:18)
D. God’s promises are made good once spoken (Isa 55:11).

2. God is Well Able to do What He Promises.

People may make promises they cannot keep, but God is not like that. He is both reputed and capable to keep His promises.
A. He exceeds our requests through the operation of His power within us (Eph 3:20). That is Living Word’s theme for 2017.
B. He has absolutely no limits. He is God by Himself (Jer 32:37; Lk 1:37).
C. Everywhere you turn, there are witnesses of His faithfulness – in nature (Gen 8:22), the Patriarchs (Gen 21:1-2; Jos 23:14); Personal testimonies (1Sam 17:37; Rev 12:1).


1. Rest on Who God is (His Personality).

A promise is only as good as the character of the person making. God’s unchanging character is a sufficient anchor for your soul that He will do what He promised.
A. Make His promises personal to you and rest on it (Rom 4:17b; 2 Tim 1:12)
B. You can choose to judge Him faithful (Heb 11:11; 13:8).

2. Walk by Faith, Not by Your Senses.

The performance of the promise is guaranteed to the one that believes (Lk 1:45; Heb 6:12, 10:38-39).
A. Faith is not an assumption but rather a heart conviction birthed by the Word (Rom 10:17).
B. Faith is focusing on the unseen and not what is obvious to the physical senses (2Cor 4:18; 5:7).
C. Faith requires you to practice the Word (prescription) associated with the promise (Jam 2:20, 26).
D. Evidence of faith is rest; a place of calm confident assurance (Heb 4:3).

3. Sustain Your Faith with Patience.

The manifestation of God’s promise is in its “due season” i.e. the fullness of time appointed for its expression (Eccl 3:1, 11a). God encourages us to wait patiently until our change comes (Job 14:14).
A. Patience is an indispensable companion in our faith journey (Jam 1:4; Heb 6:12; Hab 2:3)
B. Patience is not passive but an active will to remain steadfast, constant, and unshaken (Rom 4:20).

4. Stay Expectant.

The farmer sows the seed, expecting an harvest. God’s promise to you will not fail to perform its intended purpose, so expect the manifestation (Is 55:10-11).
A. Declare your expectations (2Cor 4:13).
B. See your expectation before it becomes a reality (Heb 11:13-16).
C. Choose your crowd wisely, connect with people that will fuel your expectations (Num 13)


I, [YOUR NAME HERE], refuse to be discouraged, because I know Whom I have believed and He Whom I have put my total and complete confidence, and I know that He will do exactly as He has said He will in my life. – (Acts 27:25, AMP)

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