No One Is Made Better Than You

No One Is Made Better Than You

God created every man on planet Earth equal.  Actually, Gen 1:27 says He has created every man in His own image and in His likeness; and that in the image of God we were all created.  We are all in God’s class.  When you see Pro 22:2, we are told that both the rich and the poor have one thing in common: God made them all.  I really want to register this point forcefully: God shows absolutely no partiality or favoritism.  That’s what Rom 2:11; Gal 2:6 and many other passages emphasize.  God has made us all equal and there’s no one better than anyone else, at least from the standpoint of God.

In saying the above, I imagine several questions emerge:

  1. If all men are equal, then why are some rich and the other poor?
  2. Why is it that some never even have to struggle and they seem to have it made?
  3. Why is it that among a group of students that start their lives through high school together, some become very successful while others can barely survive?

If there is one thing I would like to imprint into every person on the planet, it is that every single person is unique and spectacular.  Psa 139:14 says you are “fearfully and wonderfully made”.  Another translation (God’s Word) says “amazingly and miraculously made”; the Message translation says “breathtaking!”  Settle it, there aren’t two persons like you on the planet.  You are special–in fact, extraordinary.  If only you knew how special you were, it wouldn’t surprise you that angels envy you.

But why is it that two seemingly normal persons, with similar backgrounds and circumstances, end up differently?  Why is it that one thrives to the envy of another?  More particularly, what are you going to do to make the most of your life?

Let me here introduce something I really want you to grasp about life.  It is this: it is not the position, title, salary or privilege a man has right now that really matters.  What matters is Value Conversion.  Yes, they might have been in the same high school class or year, yet the difference is that one has converted his time better than the other, and that is why he or she is commanding more reward and more respect than the other.  This is important because while one leaves school to get a job, to pay bills, to drive nice cars, even get married; the other invests his time increasing his value by going to school, acquiring much higher skills.  Statistics shows that the end point for the uneducated, the level at which he will retire, is the beginning or starting point for the highly skilled and educated.  What’s the difference?  One converted his time, thus increasing his income rate per hour to many times that of the illiterate.  In fact, many illiterates earn in a whole day what the highly skilled will earn in one hour.

Perhaps you are already educated but not in demand.  I’m here talking about value.  An ounce of gold is right now being sold in New York for $1,336.  But when properly set and formed into expensive wedding rings, you will pay $10,000 for it.  Yet to the illiterate mind, it is worth nothing–just $50 and you can have it.  The quality of your education is found in what it is worth to your buyer.  Education that is not in demand is worthless.  Education may be expensive, but illiteracy is even costlier.

Essentially, other than to strongly impress on you that you are as good as anyone else and that you don’t need to envy anyone, you’ve got to discover the meaning of time conversion and value chain.  Most importantly, don’t fall for the world system of systematic slavery, waking up and going to your job day to day, year to year.  Jobs will never make you rich and they were not designed for that, but to keep you in captivity.  Everyone that has amounted to anything has almost always been those that paid the price to re-invest their time to acquire the skills for producing tangible products and services.

Please stop wasting your lives on dead-end jobs.  Reinvest your time to earn skills that will transform you and your world.  Remember, we all have 24 hours each.  Time and chance happen to us all – Ecc 9:11.  No one has 48 hours a day.  What are you doing with your time?

Let me challenge you to invest your time and stick with the discipline you need to reach your goal.  Use your time daily in those activities that you put in place that will produce valuable goods and services, otherwise referred to as value chain.  Sure, there are miracles, lucks and jackpots.  But God wants you to live by the blessing, not happenstance.

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