Glorious Mom

Glorious Mom

There is one irreversible truth: None of us would be here without our moms. Moms are the ones that carried us all in their wombs; they were the ones subjected to indescribable body changes. And in those early months of our fragility, mothers were the ones there to nurse us to strength. And through many periods of sickness and hospital visits, there were usually none but the moms alone that were there with many of us. Now don’t get me wrong. I recognize that not all mothers are perfect. In fact, I’m aware that there are certain moms that are far from the norm. There ever remains one indisputable truth; they are the divine channels through which we all came and without them none of us would be here. It sure isn’t fair to throw away the baby with the bath water. Honor must be given to whom it is due. We thank God for you and although we might not say it as often as we should, we know you are all so special, so wonderful, so precious, so kind, so trusting, so sacrificial…..On behalf of all living beings, accept our appreciation today and every day.

I came across a wonderful and true story that typifies true motherhood and the endless sacrifices they make for their children. Old as the story may seem, it’s still true of good mothers today. It’s about a young woman in South Wales, England. She was making her way across the hills of South Wales, carrying her tiny baby in her arms, when she was overtaken in a blinding blizzard. Unfortunately, she never realized her destination. When the blizzard finally subsided, her body was found by the search party underneath a mound of snow. One other thing they also discovered was that before the death of this lady, she had taken off all her outer clothing wrapped them around her baby. When they unwrapped the child, to their greatest surprise and joy, they found the baby was still alive and well. She had her body around his and given her life for her child, proving the depths of her motherly love. Years that child, David Lloyd George, grown to manhood, became prime minister of Great Britain, and without a doubt, one of England’s greatest statesmen. What can be more sacrificial than that. Mom, thank you so much, without you many of us would not be here.

It’s so right to treat mothers right. That’s why God says they should be honored so that you wouldn’t die prematurely (Exo 20:12; Eph 6:1-3). Exo 21:17 says those that curse their father and mother must be put to death. Mothers deserve to be honored. Pro 20:20 says, “If you curse your father or mother, the lamp of life will be snuffed out” (NLT). This is now severe those that don’t deal with their mothers with reverence should be treated. Let us bless our mothers, even those you might perceive in your own judgment that they are undeserving because without them you wouldn’t be here. Do it for that reason and if that is not enough, do it because God says so.

For many of us, there were many frail moments of grave difficulties, yet you held to us, refusing to consider the alternatives. For this reason, we say thank you. In our early years, we began by crawling and then walking, and now we think we can fly. Would we have reached this point without your countless sacrifices? No! You are the only that knows the enormity of your sufferings over us, and your prayers, that brought us back on track. For this we say, thank you so much. Your role and impact on our lives can never be overstated. You are the laboratory from which what we are today has been crafted. Without you, there will not be no today or tomorrow. All the money and gold bars on earth cannot pay for your sacrifices. You are a gem beyond what money can buy. You have been all things for all occasions: awesome cooks, terrific cleaners, wonderful trainers, champion prayer warriors, fantastic women of faith, the most indescribably nurses, etc. Name and you are it. We actually wish that we should celebrate you much more than we do. Again, please accept our appreciation as genuine and most deserving.

I recently read the story of an awesome mom, not any different from many of you. She had married a good man who got himself entangled with alcohol and gambling. One thing led to another and she was left alone to raise three kids. To say they were poor is an understatement. They ate from the garbage. But that is not the real issue. The real issue was that in spite of their seemingly hopeless state of affairs, the lady had faith in their children and was pumping hope, faith and great dreams into the future of her kids. Again, and again she would tell them, “you will become Doctors, Engineers, etc. Even when school reports showed that the second child was sleeping rather than learning or that he was too unkempt, but in spite of failing grades, this mom stayed on her knees, praying tirelessly. And you know what? One by one, just like she had been prophesying, each one of these kids became great. There are no better believers than mothers. And where great mothers are, great kids are raised. Thank you so much mom for believing in us when no one else would.

I have been a pastor for nearly three decades. I have met all kinds of people. There is definitely something that sets mothers apart. I strongly believe that mothers are the most undervalued risk takers there are anywhere. When there is challenge with conception, guess who they blame: When the child turns up the way you do not want, guess who they blame? And the good harvest of their harvest, who would you imagine would have received all the praise? No! Not moms, sadly. Moms deserve better appreciations than they really ever get. Thank you so much mom.

On this Mother’s Day, what have you done to bless your mom for all she has done for you? And as the year progresses, what have you resolved to do on anon-going basis, say every month, to honor her? Remember, what you do reveals what you believe. If you truly appreciate your mom, do something good about it and do it on an ongoing basis. Honor God in her. It gladdens the heart of God when you do it and much more so when you do good to a mother whom you perceive to be undeserving.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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