I have been warning loud and clear that Marriage can be Heaven or Hell on Earth, depending on how you handle it.  I’ve also repeatedly warned that there’s nothing new in a man or woman that you didn’t see while dating -- you only thought you could either manage it, or that you would change your partner eventually, thus ascribing to yourself what only God can do, and He has not made you your mate's changer.  The saddest part is, if he or she was bad while you were dating, you can expect worse behavior during marriage, and it’s not a curse.

A lot of marital abuse is going on out there, which must never be tolerated. Some are verbal, emotional and even physical.  And please don’t think it’s only men that are doing it -- it comes from both parties.  If you are tongue-lashed, destroyed with twisted eyes, denied everything including a sane conversation, get help quickly!

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