Time To Man Up

Time To Man Up

The culture and the media has so relegated the role of the man in the home and the society so much that even the men are themselves out of tune with the reality of who they are.

The absence of real men at their duty posts in the home has led to the sliding down of the moral standards in the society.

Today, four in ten of homes are without a dad. But the statistics are graver among African Americans, where as many as seven out of every ten homes are without a dad. Children are raised by single moms, and in many cases, by grandparents. All of this has come to compounds high school dropout rates and failure rates, and highlights a need to challenge our men to man up.

Before delving into our responsibilities as men, let me clarify that there are three “hood” stages a man goes through. The first state is babyhood, when he is raised, mentored by both parents. The second state, which unfortunately is where most men remain, is boyhood, which is where he has most of the physical features of an adult man, but lacks the maturity and responsibility to take charge of himself and those around him. Boys don’t get married. The third stage is manhood — men that are mature, fend for their families, physically, emotionally and most importantly, spiritually.

This is very important because any healthy male can sleep with females and bring forth a child. But only real men can perform their duties and obligations to their wives and children.

The Bible instructs men to love and nurture wives enough to die for them, just as Christ did for the Church (Eph 5:25-33).

The more I have read the scriptures and the more of God I have come to know, the more I have come to conclude that you cannot serve God correctly unless you die to yourself. If you are to love and nurture your wife as God instructs, you must bury your feelings, perceptions, etc. And I know without a doubt that if you really love like this, then there will be no offence too big for you to forgive. If God says it, you just do it. This Father’s Day, real fathers should man up and do what God commands. If you want your wife and your children to submit to your authority, you man up and submit to God’s.

Fathers are to love, care for, provide for their families, both spiritually and materially. This is what makes your position honorable (Exo 20:12; Eph 6:12). May you continue to be a shield to God’s fold in your care.

Every time the word “dad” is mentioned, every father should know that they are performing, in a miniature format, the same function as God. Psa 23:1 says, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.”

As a shepherd, the biggest responsibility of the men is to pray for their families. Lk 18:1 says, “That men ought always to pray and not to lose heart”.

Where there are no praying men, the nation is under satanic onslaught. God is still searching for men that will assume their priestly positions and not abandon it to their wives, which today is the gravest reality. Men are no longer praying. Most church are without men. They have gone to the games, leaving their homes unprotected.

Eze 22:30 says, “So I sought for a man among them who would make a wall, and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land, that I should not destroy it; but I found no one.”

The absence of praying men in their duty posts at home, church and society has unleashed disaster on the land. Men must pray.

There is something the devil knows which all men should also know. One man is equivalent to generations of unborn children. If the devil can only succeed in striking you down, most of his other clandestine desires are much easier to accomplish. Mat 26:31 says, “I will smite the shepherd, and the sheep of the flock will be scattered.”

O men, you are crucial, critical, vital, and indispensable for Christ’s sake, for the sake of the up and coming generations, for your legacy, man up. Take your place. Don’t yield. The devil is determined to dislodge you. Stand your ground.

I see the enormity of the duties and responsibilities of a man and I therefore pray the following prayers for you or for the Daddies in your life.

As a man, you will not be missing from your duty post. You will not bring children to the world and leave them for others to raise for you. Your children will be a source of joy, to continue with a glorious Godly legacy, not a horrible statistic. You will be a prayer wall for your wife and children and you will not lack the resources and time needed to do your divine duties. As head of your family, you will submit to God and your wife and children will follow you just as you are following God.

The anointing flows from the top to the bottom. May divine grace never stop flowing through you. All the wisdom, knowledge and provisions you need will never be in short supply. You will not weep over your spouse or children. As the pastor of your home, you will not mislead God’s flock in your fold. May the oil of prayer never dry in the lamp of your home. In the day of reckoning, when the Lord will ask you to give account, may you receive a well done from Heaven. May your joy and rejoicing over your family never dwindle.

God bless you richly.

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